The Cafe Racer strain has a pungent and skunky scent with a hint of spice and diesel-like notes that can fill a room. As soon as it is inhaled, it releases the same flavor profile as its genetic parents. The sweet berry and grape flavors with the skunky taste come from the Granddaddy Purple. On the other hand, it gets its citrusy and acidic notes from the Girl Scout Cookies.

Onset, the Cafe Racer offers an intense and long-lasting cerebral high while inducing a wave of euphoria that enhances the overall mood, which puts the mind in a worry-free state. During this time you will feel more motivated, productive, and focused. It is best to use this period to finish tasks and brainstorm new and creative ideas. Artists who feel burned out or lack the will to make new content can benefit from the surge of creative juices that manifests.

After some time, the body feels a tingling buzz that leads to a completely calm state. As the high soars, smokers will feel drowsy and eventually find themselves knocked out on the bed.


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